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Manglar Lodge is a small beach Hotel located & Restaurant at El Palmar beach on the Pacific coast on the town of San Carlos, Republic of Panama,




El Palmar is a great place for surfing in Panama. There are several spots for surfing at El Palmar.

The Point  Is a rock bottom point break directly to the right of the beach break, and has right peeling waves at medium to high tide. There must be a good swell for this spot to break well, but when it is good, it can get very powerful and fun.


The Front Is a beach break with rock bottom on the left hand side. It is very crowded on weekends, and there is a surf camp located directly in front of it, so it can get crowded. The beach break is a close-out, and mainly beginners go there to surf.


Hawaiicito, (Little Hawaii) Is a rock bottom point break to the left of the beach break, down to the left of the concrete wall. It breaks to the left at full high tide, and can be fun, but this spot is quite weak, and can only handle a small swell of about 3 to 4 feet, otherwise it closes out.


Jeffrey's which is the best of El Palmar, is a long, right hand, and fast wave, that breaks over rocks, probably one of the best in the bay.

Both Hawaiicito and Jeffrey's are in 200mts from Manglar Lodge.






If you are interested in taking surfing lessons El Palmar is a great place for learning  you can take surf all year long and the best thing the water is always warm

If you want we can arrange a package for you

you can contact Panama Surf School they are the 0nly  school with more than 15 experience in Panama

Panama surf school is dedicated to sharing their passion for surfing. They introduce people from all ages to this sport in a fun and safe way while, teaching love and respect for the environment.


















El Palmar beach has a combination of white sand and the very peculiar black sand since it is the pacific ocean tide changes are very drastic every 6 hours the ocean can go back as far as 200 meters down the beach.


There are different areas were you can swim or just chill on the beach.

During low tide you can take long walks on the beach and explore the local area if you turn to the left and walk you will find a fishing village and a marina to the right hand you will find the surfing breaks , a long beach and rocky point with big rocks and small caves

El Palmar Beach


Surfing Lessons

Fishing Trips

fishing trip are available thanks to our friends of Coronado Fishing Club the offer different tour package from deep water fishing, discovery tour and cocktail tours prices range from $150 to $400


Explore El Valle

El Valle is located just 35min drive from Manglar Lodge if you want to explore Panama this is a great place to visit .


El Valle is home to one of Panama’s largest handicrafts market. Indigenous Kunas , Ngöbe-Buglé people, and also some Emberá and Wounaan, bring a variety of handicrafts to sell to tourists (most of whom are Panamanians from the capital). If you’re self-catering, the market also stocks a good selection of fresh produce from around the country. Sunday is the busiest day.


Anton’s Valley has countless trails that are excellent for hiking. Many include wonderful rivers and waterfalls while other trails are strictly mountainous. You can hike up The Sleeping Indian Girl and hang out in the cave that corresponds with her navel. Or you can hike up Cerro Gaital and look at both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean from the same spot on a clear day. Or you can take a leisurely stroll behind the Hotel Campestre and take a gander at the unique phenomenon that are the square trees.

Laguna de San carlos

La laguna de San Carlos is located 28km from the town of San Carlos. The variety of fish species in its waters makes it a great fishing spot. Its proximity to Picacho hill attracts tourists looking for hiking and mountaineering, as well as those interested in birding and watching the varied species of mammals and reptiles that inhabit the area.


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